General Guidelines

1. The argument needs to be presented in a manner that is understandable while still being succinct.

2. Articles should not be rants against individuals or organizations, and they should not contain such rants; instead, issues should be addressed and critiqued. Ad hominem attacks should be avoided in articles; instead, the focus should be on the argument, not the person.

3. Before submitting your work, make sure that your grammar and spelling are correct. An article that is full of errors creates more work for our copy editors.

4. You are required to cite all of your data and quotes. No article that is based on source material that cannot be substantiated will be published. If the source cannot be disclosed, then the decision to do so should be rethought.

5. Please keep it to a minimum of words if at all possible.


1. Please send us plain-text draughts whenever it is possible to do so. When you send us your draught in a format that isn’t.pdf or one of the other common file types, it makes our job slightly more difficult.

2. Put all quotations that are longer than three lines into a single indentation.

3. When you quote from a source, you should identify the source and also provide a hyperlink to the source if it is available online.

4. The first time an abbreviation appears, regardless of how common it is, it must be expanded into its full form.

5. JPEG, PNG, and GIF file formats are all acceptable for use with images. There should be no copyright restrictions on images.

6. Include a descriptive caption for each table and picture that is included in the article.

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