Why you essential custom entrance mats for your commercial place?

In business, the first impression is crucial. A custom mat that is placed at your business’s entrance or in the waiting room can help you leave a lasting impression. You can personalize it to match your business.

Here are a few reasons why you should have personalized waterhog mats for your business:

Market and promote your business brand

A custom door mat can help you highlight a brand, product or service that you wish maximum exposure. Consider, for example, that you are the exclusive supplier of a particular product/service. Personalized mats can be created with your chosen product/service. You can get customized mats for the company by calling a mat producer.

Exhibit your brand

You can make sure your business name is present to every customer who walks through your door when you place custom-made mats at commercial complexes’ entryways. A few studies indicate that 64% to 70% of buyers glance at the floor mats below their feet. If you place these mats near the entrance ways, you will be able to get maximum exposure.

Help you to deliver your message

Sometimes, you will only require a mat with your logo and company name. Your associates will appreciate the professionalism of your business by purchasing and placing custom doormats. You can personalize the space with a professional customized mat without making a grand statement. Personalized rugs are subtler, but still very elegant. It can help you communicate your business message with each person who sees it.

Increase your sales

It’s more than just recognition. The custom rug can bring you exciting results in sales for your company with minimum marketing and advertising efforts. The average cost of custom logo flooring mats is one-tenth the price per impression. One study found that personalized floor mats could help increase retail sales by as high as 13%.

Ensure safety

It is very important to use a door mat. Although safety is not an important reason to place a mat at the entrance, it does increase safety. A custom-made rug will not slip, so you can reduce the likelihood of an employee or client getting hurt in your business.

Savings and risk reduction are both important. Annually, slip and fall accidents cause approximately 1,000,000 injuries and cost businesses 85%. With personalized welcome mats manufactured by a well-respected doormat manufacturer, you can reduce the likelihood of falling/slip injury in your business premises.

Please specify your requirements for shape and/or size

Sometimes you’ll need a mat of an unusual shape to fit the space. You won’t be able to find standard welcome rugs that fit your needs at such times. To get a better fit, you’ll need to trim and cut standard rugs. Trimming and cutting can be time-consuming and costly.

Custom rugs, on the other hand are custom-made to fit your needs. Personalized rugs can be ordered by you sending your design specifications, including your business name and logo.

Rental is cheaper

Many people think renting floor mats can be cheaper than buying them. The truth is that custom-made welcome mats are cheaper than renting generic rugs.


A great tool to showcase your brand is custom door mats. They will help you market and deliver your message to customers, increase sales and safety, and keep you’re flooring clean and safe.