Why Pour Over Kettle Is Special?

Pour over Brewing, is the best coffee recipe that anyone should know. Pour-over drip coffee is common in third-wave coffee houses. But, the practice is older than most people realize. The gooseneck-style, kettle-style kettle is the main device for pour-over coffee.

Even though a kettle may not seem to be as important as a bean grinder or dripper in brewing coffee, it is crucial.

Pour-over drippers work the same way. They are designed to hold coffee ground and allow water to flow, extracting coffee. This is how an automatic coffee brewer works. The pour over kettle is special because it allows for total control over water distribution. The quality of the extraction will be determined by how the water flows through the ground coffee beans. Coffee with a higher extraction level is more delicious.

The gooseneck is unique in its shape and angle.

These variables (the stream of water flow and the shape) are essential in determining which kettle is best. Below, test five popular water kilns designed for pour-over coffee. Which of these water kettles is the best? Although found one to be slightly better than the other, it comes down to personal preference.

Hario Buono


Hario could be the first-ever pour-over coffee maker you’ve seen. The device’s charming beehive shape was instantly recognizable. While its smooth stainless-steel body proved to be durable and reliable, it was also easy to use over time. The loose-fitting lid was completed with a black plastic knob. On the bottom, the gooseneck flowed softly. The Buono handle has a similar design, and it fits into your hand easily without slipping.

Kalita Kettle Wave


This stunning-looking kettle could even be more attractive than the Hario Buono. The Kalita Kettle Wave, with its elegant wooden handle, top and robust gooseneck, is a sturdy vessel that will last years. (It won’t, but more on that later). Its ribbed appearance is identical to that of the Hario Buono, but it has a more masculine look.

Bonavita Kettle


The Bonavita isn’t my favorite design. It’s much more sophisticated than the Hario and is not as elegant. Although the large one-liter volume is impressive, the overall look leans utilitarian. Also, it is hard to remove the lid. This can become frustrating after daily usage. While the electric and stovetop versions may look similar, the electric model has a thicker base and more grip on the handle.

Fellow Stagg Kettle


This device works very much like an elegant French press. Fellow, a company that is determined to change the way we brew our coffee, also offers a fascinating new pour-over kettle. Fellow delivers on its promise to redesign the pour over kettle. Let’s talk about design. First, both stainless and all-black models look great when viewed from the counter.

The design is more striking, perhaps a blend between American tradition and a heavy dose of Bauhaus minimalism will show it off to all who are interested. The long, thin neck of the goose comes out like a knight holding a lance. While the ergonomic handle fits perfectly in the hand, the ergonomic handle is very comfortable. Oh, and that thermometer on top? It is a thoughtful feature.

Wood Handle Baker


The distanced hand handle helps to counter the direct injection gooseneck. This coffee kettle is easy on your eyes, thanks to the combination of light wood varnish and a shiny steel body. It’s slightly rugged, understated, and yet polished.