Know More About The Differences Between DTL And MTL Vaping

These days, you will find many vaping methods and millions of smokers who have been using cigarettes are switching to e-cigarettes.  Vaping is now considered to be a healthier option than smoking nicotine.

Today, various new choices are evolving in the market as far as an option for vaping is concerned.  Let us try to know more about them in this article. If you are interested in CBD vape then you may buy CBD vape juice from Just CBD Store.


Mouth to lung vaping is also known as M2L or MTL vaping style. It can closely replicate traditional smoking. Usually, most newcomers who start vaping start with this kind of vaping because it feels almost the same natural way for these smokers to inhale.

  1. Equipment required for MTL vaping

MTL vapers need to use a pretty inexpensive kit. You can get an excellent hit by using a vape pen, compact, and POD, and can offer you good value for your money.

However, a few advanced types of equipment are also available for MTL vapers where you can find many extra controls too in addition to the basic functions.

  1. E-liquid required for MTL vaping

MTL vapers must go for a certain vape juice that should have high PG ratio. Higher PG content can deliver a much sharper throat hit, which is closer to any cigarette smoking. Also, PG will carry flavour better as compared to  VG

Another thing is MTL vapers can go for e-liquids that may contain higher nicotine content.


Direct to the lung that is DTL or D2L that will hit directly to your lung is another vaping style that is preferred mostly by experienced vapers. However, for traditional smokers, it will feel a little alien way of inhaling in the beginning. However, it is almost the same thing that we normally do when breathing.

  1. Equipment required for DTL vaping

For DTL vaping you will need a vaping kit having a variable wattage so that it can easily be raised up high. The vape tank will have a very wide mouthpiece.

The coil should allow for greater wattage value needed to maintain very high output for getting longer inhale to fill the lungs.

  1. E-liquid required for DTL vaping

For DTL vaping 60VG/40PG can offer you a good flavour and you can get your throat hit with very decent clouds. Also, 70VG/30PG will be the most popular choice of ratio as it can provide the optimum balance between flavour and clouds along with a much smoother throat hit

Nowadays, 80VG/20PG is quite common and very popular where you can expect a very steam cloud production! 90VG + is rare as no brands can still deliver such good flavour with the dense clouds!


Both methods will have their own set of advantages and essentially, no method is right or wrong and it is only a personal preference of the individual. However, the vaping kit that you choose will determine the e-liquid you choose. You need to get familiarised with the differences.